Natural Beauty remedies for your hair and skin

Are you a lover of all things natural? Do you love pearls from the ocean as jewelry and home grown or organic vegetables for dinner? There is a lot to be said for appreciating natures home grown produce, especially when it comes to your beauty routine.

When it comes to beauty remedies we love nothing more than earth’s most natural creations. It is all too easy to be swept off your feet by all the beautiful new products which have tempting packaging and celebrity all claiming to give you that beautiful sheen and glow. The funny thing is though, these products often try to enhance the fact they are made with ‘natural ingredients’ and contain essential ‘vitamins and minerals’ your skin needs. What they often fail to tell you is that these so called beauty products are actually loading your skin and pores with chemicals and parabens galore and the vitamins will be in very small abundances in very limited ingredients. Facial masks and moisturizers can contain heavy fragrances and coloring to make them appeal to your senses and shampoo contains harsh additives and ingredients which strip your hair of its natural moisture causing it to produce excess oil so it gets greasy quicker. read more

Pastels, pearls, mermaids and make-up

Thinking outside the box and using pearls to create the perfect look

So, you love wearing your pearls as we all do. Pearls offer you that beautiful subtle hint of feminine beauty with a touch of class. Wearing pearls can make you feel feminine, flirty and fun and can also open up many more doors when it comes to fashion and beauty. In this post we are going to explore how your love of pearls can be transferred to your style and used in numerous different ways to create and inspire looks. Trending at the moment is the themes of pastels and pearls and the ‘mermaid’ look, the mermaid look sees women incorporating pearls into their overall look as opposed to wearing them simply as jewellery so we are also going to excitedly explore this gorgeously alternative look as an excellent way to explore pastels, pearls, mermaids and make-up read more

MAKEUP DIY: 1950’s Pin Up Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Palafoxxia

Pearls and pin-up girls have always gone hand-in-hand, and excited to share with you this adorable makeup tutorial with fun makeup and great application.

Youtube Beauty Guru, Palafoxxia, showcased her skills with this easy step-by-step tutorial on beautiful pinup makeup.  She looks like a woman ready to tango!

In her video, “1950’s Pin Up Inspired Makeup Tutorial”, she showed us how to look classy and sophisticated.

We love this tutorial because it is quite simple and can easily be done by a beginner. We also love this look because it goes so well with pearls. read more

HAIR DIY: 1940’s/50’s Pinup Hair and Makeup Tutorial by Kayley Melissa (@letsmakeitup1)

Pearls and pin-up girls have always gone hand-in-hand, and we are more than excited to share with you this adorable makeup and hairstyle.

Youtube Beauty Guru, Kayley Melissa, showcased her skills of makeup and hair with this easy step-by-step tutorial on victory rolls and simple pinup makeup!

In her video, “1940’s/50’s Pinup Hair and Makeup”, Kayley shared with us how to make the perfect pinup look with easy to understand instructions!  This look is not only bound to get attention but with some pearl accessories, you will be the icon of beauty! read more

BEAUTY TREND: The “White Eye” Trend Goes Great With Pearls

A great trend for the Spring/Summer is certainly the “White Eye” trend.

The “White Eye” trend is a makeup look that is making their way from the runway to the catwalk of the streets. This style consists of brightening your look with a white eyeliner and mascara.

The look is quite convenient because it doesn’t require a lot of work and extensive knowledge of makeup to look great. No extensive smudging, blending, and color combinations needed.

White makeup is bold like its black eyeliner opposite so you do have to be conscious of not overdoing the look. White eyeliner makes the eyes the focal point of the look so the rest of the look must stay natural with little to no blush and lip color. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: “Wintry Exotic Arabic” Makeup Tutorial by Maryam Maquillage

Dynamic makeup artist, Maryam Maquillage, showed why she is a makeup guru favorite once again.

On her blog,, Maryam created yet another amazing look which she entitled, “’Wintry Exotic Arabic Makeup Tutorial”. Although winter will be over in 4 days, (Spring begins March 20th, 2014) nothing says that you can’t leave the winter season without a bang!

Maryam blogs that the look was inspired by the beauty and art of Arabic makeup stating;

“Today, I’m inspired by Arabic makeup and I’m re-interpreting it using cool, frosty shadows and luscious cruelty-free mink lashes to fit the winter theme. Arabic makeup is truly one of my all-time favorite styles for any occasion — it’s always graphic, bold, edgy and so exotic!!!” read more

The Beauty of Pearls: How pearls make the skin healthy!

Pearls are very beautiful and special gems. They are the only gems that are naturally created from a living creature, and they look beautiful in a strand that fits so elegantly on our necks and arms. But what many people are unaware of is that pearls are also used to care for the skin. The precious water gems are an ancient Chinese secret that has now become worldly known.

Freshwater or Saltwater Pearls are crushed into a powder and used as a skin care treatment for people who had inflamed skin. Pearls are considered by its advocates to help improve the appearance of the skin. To take 1 gram of pearl powder by mouth, traditionally mixed into water or tea, twice weekly could reduce redness of the skin almost instantly. Also, it is widely used as a treatment for acne as it is thought to have a purifying effect on the skin, especially that which is sensitive, and to be effective at fading acne scars. read more