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PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Pearls

Japanese Akoya Pearls

PearlsOnly offers you the widest selection of genuine Japanese Akoya pearls for when you really want need to stand out.
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Japanese Akoya Pearls Buying Tips

These pearls are a symbol of beauty and elegance. Japanese Akoya pearl jewellery feels lush and looks very sophisticated. Akoya pearls represent a true investment and can even be passed down from one generation to another. In fact, Japanese Akoya pearls value rarely seems to diminish.

Here are some points to consider before you think about going to buy Japanese Akoya pearls.

  1. Premium Quality

Akoya pearls are the finest quality gems you can buy, which improve in value over time. Despite their durability, they are elegant, stylish and beautifully complement any skin tone.

Buyers should always insist on receiving a quality proof on purchase to ensure the authenticity of the pearls. PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Pearls come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal that has been issued by a seasoned Pearl expert. This way you can be rest assured that you are acquiring high-quality pearl necklaces that can be worn on a daily basis by mother or daughter.

  1. Japanese Akoya Pearls Grading

In order to establish the quality degree of Akoya pearls experts will use one of the two universal grading scales. The A-D scale or the AAA-A scale.

AAAA Grading

These are almost flawless and boast a high luster surface. Up to 95% of their surface is free of defects and resembles a mirror. The exceptional luster of AAAA bracelet pearls paired with a thick nacre ensures the longevity of the pearls. These types of pearls are used often in bracelets and necklaces where the luster looks breathtaking.

AAA Grading

A Japanese Akoya pearl with this grading has a high luster and defects to the surface of the pearl are rare. The quality of these pearls is good, however, be aware that the nacre on these pearls is thinner.

The shine factor of such pearls is still high, making AAA Akoya pearls look splendid when combined with other gems or metals.

A-AA+ Grading

Japanese Akoya pearls with an A-AA+ grading look beautiful when they have been mounted in sterling silver. This helps to conceal any potential blemishes yet won’t have any effect on the Japanese Akoya pearls value.

The nice quality of these pearls makes them suitable for inclusion into rings or earrings, especially if they happen to be the first pearl purchase for a woman’s accessory collection.

  1. Occasion

In order to get the most out of your investment, you need to decide how much wear you would like to get out of your Japanese Akoya pearl jewellery.

Daily Wear

To incorporate Japanese Akoya Pearls in your daily casual outfits, you cannot go wrong with buying a sterling silver earring set, that comprises small 6-7 mm pearls. 

This subtle piece of jewellery will not overwhelm the rest of the outfit, and you can easily pair it with other silver or silver-toned jewellery.

Evening Wear

A sophisticated Japanese Akoya Pearl Choker will complement any neckline. Adorning a plunging V-neck dress, a turtleneck jumper or a silk shirt with a pearl necklace is timeless and will suit any event.

White pearls with cold overtones are perfect for formal occasions, whilst luscious black Akoya pearls look stunning at parties.

Business Attire

Japanese Akoya pearl rings look professional, especially when they are set in white gold next to a few subtle diamonds. Conservative or modern business attire can be emphasized with a timeless piece of pearl jewellery that inspires trust.

Special Occasions

To mark truly special occasions a set of AAA Japanese Akoya pearls that have been mounted in 14K yellow gold can make the wearer feel unique. The high luster of such pearls compliments evening dresses as well as more formal outfits.

  1. Skin Tone

When it comes to buying such jewellery you need to take into consideration your skin tone. As some Japanese Akoya pearls may suit you better than others.

Fair Or Pale Complexion

You should choose Akoya pearls that have a rose overtone. The pink hues warm up against the skin making them sparkle even more.

Tan, Olive Or Brown Complexion

Women with such complexions should select pearls with a more silver overtone. These contrast better against such women’s complexion and helps to make the Japanese Akoya pearls seem larger, whiter and brighter.

Pink Or Reddish Undertones To Complexion

For such women wearing cream-coloured pearls is a much better option. This is also the same for women with red, silver or grey hair. The best Japanese Akoya pearls with cream overtones will also feature flashes of violet or rose. It is these that help to give the pearls more depth and beauty making them truly gorgeous to wear.

Today Japanese Akoya pearls are considered to be a classic among all pearls. So you may find that some of the best pieces to buy for yourself or as a gift are the more basic items such as a pair of stud earrings or a white Japanese Akoya pearl necklace that measures no more than 18 inches. These are the types of jewellery that will never go out of style and women of all ages love to wear.