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PearlsOnly Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklaces

At PearlsOnly we have the most diverse collection of Pearl Necklaces. Just explore the wide variety of pearl types, shapes and colours we offer!
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Mesmerizing Freshwater Pearl Necklaces like you’ve never seen before.

Japanese Akoya

Our beautiful collection of Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklaces will amaze you!


Be mesmerized by our luxuriously large Tahitian Pearl Necklaces. A breath-taking look for breath-taking moments.

South Sea

Our collection of South Sea Pearl Necklaces is among the largest and most luxurious of them all

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Pearl Necklace Buying Tips

The pearl necklace like other pieces of pearl jewellery is enjoying somewhat of resurgence. This is down to designers such as Ellery, Gucci, Mui Mui and AW!7 incorporating them into their latest collections.

It is possible these days to choose from an amazing selection of stunning pearl necklace designs. You could of course choose the more simple classic string of pearls or go for something a little more modern. But finding something to suit your own tastes or to present as pearl necklace gift shouldn’t prove a problem.

As you will know pearls help to add a touch of elegance to any outfit, and look strikingly beautiful of any woman, no matter their age. Whether your wardrobe is more formal or modern, or you need a pearl necklace gift box for a sweet sixteen or an anniversary, there are plenty of amazing styles to choose from.

However, it is important that you take the following points into consideration when you see any pearl necklace for sale.

  1. Dress Code

Pearl necklaces suit women of all ages. Refined, bold, chic or understated pearls never go out of style. They all add a touch of elegance to any outfit whether it is a business sort or a floral dress.

Casual Everyday Wear

Your safest bet would be to wear a more modern piece that incorporates freshwater pearls in the design. As they are made up of fewer pearls such can easily be worn on a daily basis. These strike the perfect balance between affordability and beauty. A freshwater pearl necklace is versatile, as you will find that they come in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.


If you are looking for a jewellery piece that you will only wear on special occasions, you’ll turn heads by wearing a Tahitian pearl necklace. The exotic colour with the right overtones will match any skin tone, brightening your complexion and adding a sophisticated touch to your dress.

Formal Events And Business Meetings

A strand of pearls is the perfect accessory to wear with a conservative outfit worn at formal or business events. White pearls easily match pant suits, silk shirts and formal skirts. They help to bring the whole outfit together and make you look highly professional.

  1. Necklace Types

All pearl necklace sets are stunning, but each is destined to be worn on different occasions. So in order to make sure that you select the perfect pearl necklace for your needs, use the guidelines below to help with your purchase.

Choker – 16 Inches

This is the shortest length available of all pearl necklace designs. Most measure no more than 16 inches in length. These types are perfect for more formal events. Such a necklace looks great when worn with a sweetheart neckline or a V-neck top. Of all the colours available choose a choker that is made up only of white pearls. This will guarantee that you will wear this beautiful piece of jewellery for years to come.

Princess – 18 Inches

This style of necklace is slightly longer in length to the choker measuring just 18 inches. But is a much more versatile piece of jewellery. It is a pearl necklace that actually suits most neckline styles. To ensure that you can wear your Japanese Akoya necklace with any outfit in your wardrobe it is best to stay within the 18 inches range.

Matinee = 23 Inches

If you are going to be attending a number of business meetings or semi-formal occasions then buying a matinee pearl necklace for sale to add to your wardrobe is a good idea. This refined piece of jewellery will add a touch of glamor to even the most conservative of outfits.

Opera – 38 Inches

These measure 38 inches in length and are is the ideal type of necklace if you are looking for a delicate accessory that will suit a minimalist gown and a bare neck. The real beauty of the opera pearl necklace is that they look stunning in various colours. So don’t be afraid to experiment, you may find that lavender and creamy pastel pearls suit your complexion the best.

Rope – 51 Inches

This is the longest necklace you can buy made up with pearls. These measure a total of 51 inches and look stunning when teamed with an outfit that you are going to be wearing to a special event. Like the princess necklace this type is very versatile and can be worn in a variety of different ways. You can wear simply as one strand or knotted or wrapped around the neck once or twice.

Double Or Triple Strand

To feel really unique, many women love to wear a double or triple strand of pearls that they then pair with their little black dress and classic makeup. This kind of style is reminiscent of what elegant Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn loved to wear. The multi strand pearl necklace really is a true fashion statement.

As you can see you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what style of pearl necklace designs to select from. Plus of course you’ll find when you take a look at the styles we have on offer here at Pearlsonly that you have a wide range of different colour pearls to choose from. 

It is important that you take your time over selecting the right style of pearl necklace that best suits your needs and your tastes. If you are intending to buy a necklace as a gift for someone younger may we suggest you opt for one of the more modern designs we have on offer.

As for say a bride you may find that selecting one of our beautiful choker, princess or matinee designs is a much better option. However if the bride intends to wear a dress that is cut low at the back maybe a rope pearl necklace is a better option. She could then wear the pearls actually back to front so that they lay down over her back and make a real statement as she walks down the aisle.