7 Stylish Black Pearl Earrings To Wear Any Time

As you know, the elegance of wearing pearls has no age. Although the beauty of pearl earrings comes in every shape and any color, black pearl earrings will always carry a larger dose of mystery and sophistication. Wearing pearls means wearing beauty and clarity, radiance and wisdom. And with black pearls, you will instantly create a romantically dramatic set. Read more to discover our seven black pearl earring sets that are appropriate for any age and occasion. Learn how to style them and pick your favorite pair! read more

akoya pearls earring set

From Akoya Pearls to Culinary Vacations: 20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show the mothers in your life how much you love and cherish them. Akoya pearls represent a brilliant gift.  Did you consider them? And it’s not too early to start planning your present.  Whether you want to shower your own mother with gifts and attention, or you’re looking to buy something for your wife, aunt, teacher, or even gym instructor, we’ve got you covered. The Pearls Only team has put together some Mother’s Day gift ideas, so you can save time and make the mothers in your life happy. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 13th,   so you still have plenty of time to select the perfect gift.  Plus, Mothering Day in United Kingdom will be celebrated on March 11th.  Keep reading to find out which are out top Akoya pearls gift suggestions. read more

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14 Fascinating Facts about Cultured Pearls

Pearls have been worn as jewelry for thousands of years. They’re gorgeous, but also fascinating, and even a tad mysterious. Their price can range from a few mere dollars, to millions. Do you find cultured pearls fascinating and are curious to learn more about them? Maybe to find out who the first man was to produce cultured pearls? What is the world’s oldest documented pearl? What is the most famous pearl out there? Or maybe you’d like to know how many types of cultured pearls exist? To find the answers to these questions, read on, because here are 14 facts about pearls that will make you fall even deeper in love with them! read more

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Vintage Pearl Earrings – A Must In Every Jewelry Lover’s Collection

Coco Chanel said, “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” But did you know what else a woman simply needs in her jewelry collection? At least one pair of vintage pearl earrings! Vintage jewelry will always be in style; it’s timeless, it has character,  an eternal elegance, and, if you’re lucky, you get awesome deals on it. We’re passionate about pearls and we absolutely adore pearl earrings, so today, we thought we would take a look at some vintage pearl earrings. We’ll give you 13 celebrities who have been spotted wearing vintage-style pearl earrings in the most fashionable manners, and we also have some tips and tricks for you on how to pick your next pair. read more

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The Modern Chunky Pearl Necklace: How to Style It

Pearl jewelry is meant to highlight our beauty, make us feel sexy, strong, and empowered. It is, at times, a sign of wealth, but most times we wear it simply because it’s beautiful and we like it. If you love pearls but are looking for something a bit more modern and daring, we recommend the chunky pearl necklace. It can transform an outfit, and make you stand out in the crowd. It’s contemporary and bold and it complements any occasion and style. If you need some inspiration on how to style this statement necklace, then you’re in luck! In today’s article we have 8 celebrities that have rocked the chunky pearl necklace game to serve as inspiration. Plus, we also prepared some tips that will help you rock the chunky pearl necklace, too! read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Love Pearl Gift Sets & Why Gifts Matter

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are pretty sure you’ve already started preparing a beautiful surprise. How does a love pearl gift set sound to you? We think this post will save you from the time-consuming task of looking for the perfect gift. Let’s face it. Spotting Valentine’s Day gift ideas should be easy breezy, right? But it’s not always easy to surprise our loved one, even when you know her well and you have exchanged a lot of gifts. With our love pearl necklace gift sets and earrings, Pearls Only wants to give you some useful tips and send the pressure away. read more

Short Introduction to Mikimoto Pearls & Three Other Famous Pearls

Everyone knows about the Mikimoto pearls empire. It has become a  true and unique cornerstone in the world and market of pearl jewelry.“You can’t ever go wrong with pearls. Perhaps pearls are a girl’s best friend after all” used to say  Ki Hackney. And we totally agree.

Pearls have always fascinated people – they’re the epitome of luxury and beauty. They can be classical and modern. They look good on all women, regardless of age or social status. Pearls can be worn with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, or they can gloriously hang around the neck of princesses and queens. They can make anyone who’s passionate about jewelry fall even deeper in love with pearls. And if you don’t own a pearl, well, we believe it’s about time you did! read more


Desirable, yet affordable. Explore the world of South Sea pearls by owning your own pair of South Sea pearl earrings. They will accentuate your love for natural beauty and they will reveal yours. Just like the necklaces, the South Sea pearl earrings will brighten up your face features and make you truly glow in a sensual, yet discrete and feminine manner. This post will show you six exquisite pairs of South Sea pearl earrings that will make you fall in love with pearl jewelry. Read more to find out what makes them so special and how you can wear them. read more


Are you making the list with things to try, achieve, buy, or explore in 2018? Well, we are here to show you that pearl jewelry deserves a fair place on your wish list. If you already are a pearl lover, then you know what to expect from pearls. But if you haven’t owned a pearl accessory item in your collection by now, then you should definitely consider it. Read more to find out our main ten reasons for adding pearls to your wardrobe. There is something very special about them that deserve your ultimate attention. We promise! read more

Christmas Outfit Ideas For Any Kind of Celebration

What are you going to wear on Christmas? This is the question that has been asked so many times in the last weeks. Have you found your Christmas outfit? If not, we have decided to give you some help in finding the right Christmas outfit for you. We have selected some wonderful Christmas looks, appropriate for the occasion. Find out what will make you shine!