PEARL DIY TUTORIAL: How to Dazzle Sneakers with Faux Pearls by (@rwfootwear)

Are you ready to give your sneakers a unique fashionable twist? How about adding some pearls?,  has come up with a great way to give your sneakers new life with an awesome DIY that will show you step by step how to dress up your sneakers with pearls.

This DIY works best with some simple Keds like those pictured! shared:

We are obsessing over this seasons color trend, with Keds Teal. So how about dazzling a pair with a polka dot of pearls. Here are a few easy steps to turn your Keds from playful to dazzling. read more

PEARL DIY TUTORIAL: Chanel Inspired Pearl Hair Band for your Ponytail by Liakw.Com (@Liakw)

We really enjoy visiting the website of style blogger and DIY enthusiast, Iren P. of because once again she has come up with an amazingly chic DIY featuring pearls—our favorite!

In this DIY she will show you step by step how to make your hair stand out with a cute Chanel inspired pearl hair band for your ponytail.

You may have seen this stylish hair accessory during Fashion Week at Chanel’s fashion shows and now you can jazz up your average ponytail with a large pearl quick and easily on a budget. read more

PEARL DIY TUTORIAL: Faux Pearl Round Sunglasses by (@liakw)

Do you have a favorite pair of round sunglasses that are in need of a style makeover, but not sure what to do with them?  Iren P. of had the same issue which caused her to create an awesome DIY that will show you step by step how to give your sunglasses new life. What we loved most about her DIY is that it included pearls!

You may have seen this style of glasses before on Rihanna when she performed “Diamonds” at Victoria Secret’s Annual Fashion Show in 2012 wearing a pair of Chanel Faux Pearl Sunglasses. Since that performance, they have been the trendiest pearl shades to date. read more

PEARL INSPIRATION: How to Plan a Tea Party

Take a look at these beauties! These cupcakes were created with the ultimate tea party in mind, and we see you as a host.

A tea party does not have to be in just the spring and summer; it also doesn’t have to be outdoors. You can have a wonderful tea party in your home with just a few friends.

Here is what you need:

Invitations- Invite only those that you have an interest in conversing with and bouncing ideas and thoughts on.

Conversation- A good way to get a conversation going, is to create a list of questions that you think will be thought-provoking and fun to answer. There are several books of questions available on Amazon like If…, Volume 2: (500 New Questions for the Game of Life) by Evelyn McFarlane. read more

MAKEUP DIY: How to Create the Perfect Red Lip Tutorial by Tescolifestyle [VIDEO]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create the perfect red lip without the fuss? If you answered, yes, than this is the makeup tutorial you need to add to your achieves—ASAP!

We found this amazingly quick and simple makeup tutorial on Youtube by Tescolifestyle, that not only shows you how to apply the perfect red lip but also how to make them last throughout the day and look flawless at all times.

Featured in the video, “How to Create the Perfect Red Lip”, make-up artist Liz Beckett shows us step-by-step, how to get the perfect red pout effortlessly. A look that adds instant gorgeous glamour and suits all skin tones due to the variety of shades that can be chosen. Cooler shades of red suit most skin tones, but darker skin tones can take a warmer red with a hint of orange. read more

HAIR DIY: shares Miami-Inspired Beauty & Hair Recipes from Top Fashion, Hair and Beauty Experts

Do you want the hair that you saw during the 2014 Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week? Many of you do which is why sat down with the top fashion hair and beauty experts of Stila, Ford Artists, TRESemmé, Catwalk by TIGI, and Per-fékt Beauty, to get step-by-step “recipe guides” to get the perfect beachy chic look.

We found one of the shows looks most desirable which was the “L*SPACE BY MONICA WISE | WET LOOK” that was perfectly adorned with loads of pearls. shared: “L*SPACE by Monica Wise worked with Jonathon Powell, lead stylist for Jonathan Product to create the perfect sleek and sexy fresh-from-the-water “wet look” and dewy glow to accompany the designer’s ocean-inspired “The Water is Waiting” runway show. read more

MAKEUP DIY: 1950’s Pin Up Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Palafoxxia

Pearls and pin-up girls have always gone hand-in-hand, and excited to share with you this adorable makeup tutorial with fun makeup and great application.

Youtube Beauty Guru, Palafoxxia, showcased her skills with this easy step-by-step tutorial on beautiful pinup makeup.  She looks like a woman ready to tango!

In her video, “1950’s Pin Up Inspired Makeup Tutorial”, she showed us how to look classy and sophisticated.

We love this tutorial because it is quite simple and can easily be done by a beginner. We also love this look because it goes so well with pearls. read more

FASHION PEARL DIY: Rihanna’s Pearly Chanel Sunglasses by

Bring on the sunshine! The sun will be making its appearance more and more as the Spring season goes into full bloom so it’s time to get prepared. Never be caught off guard with these glamorous Pearl Glasses!

Rihanna wore these Vintage Chanel “Faux” Pearl Sunglasses while preforming at the Victoria Secret’s 2012 Fashion Show and she made them look amazing.

The popular website,, says that you can create the look for under $10. According to all you need are a cute pair of circular sunglasses, a string of (faux) pearls, and a little jewelry glue (or cheat with a glue gun; we won’t tell!). read more

DIY Pearl Peter Pan Collar by @laurDIY

This is a very cute and trendy DIY that many people have been following. The Peter Pan collar created by Laura at Desire and Inspire (, is a simple and easy way to create the growing trend in just a few minutes. We love this look not just because of the pearls but it can totally change the look of a sweater or blouse that doesn’t have a collar.

We would pair this with a black top and a pair of blue skinny jeans.

Here is what you will need:

-felt material
-stencil- you can find it at her website
-liquid glue
-ribbon read more

DIY Embellished Pearl Sweater by @chriselletweets

This is a really amazing DIY! Chriselle of Trash into Treasures ( has a really creative idea of taking an old sweater and making it look stunning in our favorite gems, pearls!

Watch the video and learn how you can update the look of your favorite sweater and make it the center of attention. We like the idea of pairing this look with a black leather pencil skirt.

Here are the materials that you will need:

  • Sweater
  • Pearls- Craft Store
  • thread
  • needle
  • sewing kit
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler

What do you think of the DIY? Give it a try and share you experience…

Photo Credit: Trash into Treasures read more