Naturally derived beauty remedies

The incredible beauty benefits of jojoba oil

There is a lot to be said for selecting beauty products which haven’t been tested on animals and embrace the cruelty free sign. You’d be very suprised to learn that all your favourite makeup brands test on animals so the time comes when you have to question, is this right?

The good thing is, there is a path to enlightenment and you can be beautiful without using products which have caused great suffering. You may be a fan of beauty and all things natural and combining the two to feel your very best. What emphasises beuty more so than usuing what the earth provides to enhance your look and complexion. A string of beautiful pearls around your neck soft and subtle skin from some natural oils is obtainable luxury that you can indulge in.
In this post we want to highlight the beauty benefits of jojoba oil and how this natural beauty exlir can actually osolve multiple beauty wowes in one go. You don’t need to have a cupboard or drawer full of different creams, potions and remedies, you only need one thing -Jojoba oil. read more

How to improve your modelling portfolio

We know there are some real glamour pusses out there who are either aspiring to become a model or are currently a model looking for work. As a model your portfolio is your single most important thing to your career, it’s your shot at turning someone’s head and attracting agency attention – so we need to make sure its absolutely spot on! It is completely down to you to assemble your portfolio to ensure it is a cut above the rest so let’s get things in order! We are sure you have a variety of different pictures and looks to showcase your personality! Maybe you have your hair swept back in one wearing a pearl necklace and in another photo you might be in theme wear. Variety is the key. read more

Pantone Has Chosen Marsala as the Color For 2015

Get ready to whet your fashion palate because the color of the year is sure to tempt your taste buds.  Pantone, the global color of authority has chosen the color Marsala as the New Year’s most “in” hue. Fashionistas will be sipping from this delicious sort as it is a great color for beautiful dresses and beauty lovers will surely love for their makeup collection.

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while it’s grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.” – read more

PEARL BEAUTY: 3D Pearl Nails on Electric Blue

There is nothing more exciting than accessories that cause people to stare in awe. We felt that way with the nails from the Honor runway show for New York Fashion Week S/S 2015.

Manicurist Nonie Crème, the former founding creative director of Butter London, complimented the blue cat eyes created by Polly Osmond for, with the electric blue nails that were covered with little pearls.

The combination of the blue and white creates a super fun look that can easily be the next addition to the ever growing trend of pearls. read more

MAKEUP DIY: How to Create the Perfect Red Lip Tutorial by Tescolifestyle [VIDEO]

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create the perfect red lip without the fuss? If you answered, yes, than this is the makeup tutorial you need to add to your achieves—ASAP!

We found this amazingly quick and simple makeup tutorial on Youtube by Tescolifestyle, that not only shows you how to apply the perfect red lip but also how to make them last throughout the day and look flawless at all times.

Featured in the video, “How to Create the Perfect Red Lip”, make-up artist Liz Beckett shows us step-by-step, how to get the perfect red pout effortlessly. A look that adds instant gorgeous glamour and suits all skin tones due to the variety of shades that can be chosen. Cooler shades of red suit most skin tones, but darker skin tones can take a warmer red with a hint of orange. read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Cobie Smulders Looks Retro Chic in Pearls

Got a love for the retro lifestyle when dresses were a staple? If so, then you will love this image!

A beautiful snapshot of 32-year-old Canadian actress and former model, Cobie Smulders, surfaced on Instagram and we were in complete awe!

In the image, Cobie showcased beauty and retro chic style while wearing a glamour strand of pearls, gorgeous retro makeup that includes a perfect red pout, and primp pinup hair.

What we love about this look is that it takes us back to a day of class and sophistication that was the foundation of womanhood. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: Hello Glossy (@helloglossy) Creates Pearl and Tweed Nails with Inspiration from Flare Magazine

Everyone loves a great nail art job and we have found just that!

Natacha Medeiros, owner of blog, Hello Glossy created fabulous nail art with pearls! Natacha created the nails as a special request from Flare Magazine, who asked her to create a nail look using their May 2014 cover as inspiration.

“I recently got contacted by Flare (ahhhh!), one of my fav mags, to do some nails inspired by one of their recent covers, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. I chose to emulate their most recent, May cover featuring Eva Mendes in some pretty pink tweed, silver accents and pearls with a beigy-peach backdrop. Can you tell I did just that? I hope my nails look like tweed. And I especially hope they evoke the cover! My mani will be on sometime soon (so exciting!), so I’ll defs link back once they’re up!” Natacha stated. read more

PEARL BEAUTY: A Pearl Facial May Be a Great Option for Oily Skin

Is your face always oily? Do you find yourself constantly having to pat and wipe your face of endless oily build up? Well, we think we may found the answer for you and it comes from a small friend in the sea—the clam.

It is not actually the clam that you are in need of. Instead, it is their special ability to create gorgeous pearls that has beauty enthusiasts in awe. You may think pearls are just a fashion accessory but the beautiful little balls have a lot of powerful use.

According to the Times of India, after speaking with beauty expert Shahnaz Husain, the answer to your oily skin may be as simple as a pearl facial. A pearl facial is a facial that can be performed at Spas that is ideal for those with oily skin. According to Husain, it helps remove tan and brightens the skin: read more

HAIR DIY: “Victory Rolls” A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial by Emily From The Freckled Fox

HAIR DIY: “Victory Rolls” A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial by Emily From The Freckled Fox *

Pearls and pin-up girls go hand-in-hand, so we were more than excited to share with you this hairstyle.

Emily, lifestyle blogger of The Freckled Fox, showcased an amazing hairstyle that was pin-up approved.

In her post, “Modern Pin-up Week: #2- Pin-up Victory Rolls”, she shared with us an awesome step-by-step tutorial full of pictures and detailed instructions on how to make the perfect “Victory Roll”.

“I really love this style and [I] am excited about posting it and hearing what you think, because it feels really classic to me and yet the size of these victory babies is pretty fun and extreme!” says Emily. read more

FASHION: Gorgeous Hair Piece for the Prom

Prom season is here and while young ladies are shopping for dresses and shoes, you can’t forget the fantastic hair pieces that complement and add beauty to their look.

Recently, we came across this very beautiful hair piece that will look great in either short or long hair.

At the Etsy Store, EverythingBride, you can find fabulous hairpieces that add a stylish flair to your hair and clothing. The cost is $38.00.

The “Vintage Inspired Pearl Rhinestone Hair Comb” is a “spectacular Ivory Swarovski pearl and rhinestone piece that is attached to a metal comb. Perfect for your big day! The rhinestone piece is measure about 2 X 1 inches.” read more