This Fashionista was chosen as our “Fashionista of the Day in Pearls” because she is super casual while wearing pearls as she struts around town!

Jenny T., style blogger of TsangTastic, showed off her style with a trendy denim shirt dress, a masculine brown dress hat, stylish white heels, and beautiful small and delicate pearl earrings.

While we think she is wearing a very daring style, we love how she chose to wear it.

We think this Fashionista looks very casual chic, and we are sure that you will love her look as well. read more

ASK MS. ELITOU: Is There Such Thing As Layering Too Many Pearls?

Personally, I am a huge advocate for layering pearls because it is fun and complimenting to all!

When a woman layers her pearls she is asking for attention without being so obvious. Wearers of pearls are confident, charismatic and completely modish so to stack it them greatly makes them extraordinary.

To answer your question, I do not think there is such a thing of layering too many pearls but I do believe that there is a time and a place. You should stick to 1-2 pearl strand necklaces when at the office, and in other professional environments because you do not want your clients to focus on your jewelry rather than your business. read more

PEARL FASHION: “Twigs & Honey” Creates Beautiful Bridal Headpiece from Rhinestones and Pearls

We love this Bridal Headpiece from Etsy shop, Twigs & Honey. The headpiece features dazzling twisted rhinestones with gorgeous pearls making for a beautiful accessory for your wedding day (and any day after that).

The piece is made to order and features:

“A glamorous piece that has both a vintage and ultra-modern feel with hand wired pearl beads, charms and rhinestones.”

– Faux and genuine rhinestone crystals

– Attached to a gold plated wire comb

– Available in gold/ivory (as pictured)” read more

BEAUTY TREND: The “White Eye” Trend Goes Great With Pearls

A great trend for the Spring/Summer is certainly the “White Eye” trend.

The “White Eye” trend is a makeup look that is making their way from the runway to the catwalk of the streets. This style consists of brightening your look with a white eyeliner and mascara.

The look is quite convenient because it doesn’t require a lot of work and extensive knowledge of makeup to look great. No extensive smudging, blending, and color combinations needed.

White makeup is bold like its black eyeliner opposite so you do have to be conscious of not overdoing the look. White eyeliner makes the eyes the focal point of the look so the rest of the look must stay natural with little to no blush and lip color. read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Beautiful and Modest White Pearl Weddings Earrings

Modesty and class is most important on your wedding day and we at Pearls Only feel that you can easily stay in this mold with our gorgeous collection of white pearl earrings. The earrings come in all shapes, sizes, styles, qualities, finishes, and prices making it easy for any bride to get the look that best fits her style and her budget, which is VERY important.

Our earrings are not just from one day, but they are a keepsake and an item that makes memories that will last a lifetime and beyond!

Now that wedding season is closely upon us, it is time to show off some of our best earrings for Bride’s To Be. Pearls Only, has added a few overwhelming styles and designs that are sure to gain attention from all. read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Beautiful Pearl Earrings for Spring

Earrings are essential to your style. They are one of the most important items that you can place into your jewelry box. Earrings can be the accessory that accents your beauty and adds panache to your wardrobe. Earrings are everything!

Now that Spring is closely upon us, it is time to edit our accessories and add more earrings to your treasure chest of jewels.  We at Pearls Only, have added a few awesome styles and designs that are sure to gain attention from accessory admirers.

The new earrings that have been updated are not only gorgeous but they are also reasonably price. Check out a few of our favorite picks for the Spring and see if you can resist. read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Lovely Pearl Heart Pendants for Valentine’s Day

As you hold and embrace the one you love this upcoming Valentine’s Day, give her something she will always cherish and wear close to her heart—a pearl heart pendant. These pendants that we are sharing with you are not only beautiful but they are also an inexpensive way to give the one you love something totally unique and straight from the heart. There is no doubt that she will love these pieces for years to come. 

Check out some of the most heartfelt pendants for this loving holiday.

 Leeza Pendant – Lavender AA 9-10mm Freshwater Pearl Pendant read more

PEARL FASHION: 5 Unique Pearl Pendants

Many of us associate a pearl necklace with a simple strand of white freshwater pearls, but in modern times, you can now find some really gorgeous pearl pendants in different styles, colors, pearl qualities, and origins—how wonderful is that?

With unique and beautiful pearl pendants like the ones we included below, you can now give up the “old school” ideas that pearls are for a mature woman, and catch up to the latest trending pearls that are sleek and chic. Pearls can now be worn at any age and for almost any occasion. read more

PEARL FASHION: Amazing $50,000 Wedding Dress with Pearls by J’Aton!

Marriage season is vastly approaching and soon wedding bells will be heard country-wide! How exciting!

It is every young girl’s dream to have a picture perfect wedding, with her prince charming, an amazing venue, and most importantly a fairytale wedding dress.

In 2012, Australian actress and model, Jodi Gordon married Chris Judd, an Australian footballer, and she had a fairytale wedding with everything she could have ever wanted, including the perfect dress! This lucky lady had her wishes come true when she wore a fabulous couture gown by well-established designers J’Aton. read more