Pearl of Wisdom: – Ms. Elitou

“Pearls make me feel so classy!” – Ms. Elitou, Curator for Pearls Only

Is Philly’s Fashion Week Reaching Its Full Potential? Philadelphia Fashion Week Couture Show Finale

Philadelphia, PA (US)-This year was a unique year for Philly Fashion Week during the Spring/Summer Collection for 2015. In connection with the Philadelphia Collection, Philadelphia Fashion Week is in its 11th Season and still has the ability to go strong.

When we last attended PFW for the Fall/Winter Collection, it was packed from wall to wall with fashion enthusiasts of fellow writers, stylists, showroom owners and Philly’s fashion elite that included a few celebrities. There was also the presentation from Project Runway’s Season 12 winner, Dom Streater that blew everyone right out of their seats. read more

ASK MS. ELITOU:  Can I polish my pearls with toothpaste?

Hello Ms. Elitou! I was given my Grandmother’s pearls as an anniversary gift and I want to make them look as new as I can. I want to polish them with toothpaste like my other jewelry but I am not sure if they would be safe if I did that. What are your thoughts?

-Aliza W.

Hi Aliza! Thank you for reaching out! I am very happy that you asked this question because I believe many have the same thought when it comes to cleaning pearls.

The answer is NO! It is very important to not use toothpaste on pearls, turquoise, vintage Bakelite, or vintage rhinestones, because they have softer surfaces and may get scratched. read more


“In a big sea filled with so many amazing creations, we find the greatest beauty in just a little pearl.”- Ms. Elitou

ASK MS. ELITOU: What Is The Symbolism Of A Pearl Gift?

Pearls are very special because they are one-of-a-kind, they are natural, and they are the only stone that comes from a living species therefore the symbolism of a pearl given as a gift is very powerful.

Pearls are beautiful stones that are known for their elegance and grace so when giving a pearl as a gift to someone you love it shows that you acknowledge their maturity and lady ways.

When a person gives a pearl accessory to a loved one, they are showing traits associated with friendship, love, faithfulness, and loyalty which are powerful. read more

FASHIONISTA IN PEARLS: Ms. Elitou, Fashion Blog Editor of Pearls Only!

Our fashion blog editor, Ms. Elitou enjoyed a wonderful sunny day in Philadelphia wearing black pearls from our Black Label Collection. The Edith Earrings made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls are very delicate and feminine and look great with almost anything.

She also wore the heart shaped Carlin Pendant that is also a part of the Black Label Collection.The Carlin Pendant is made of 14kt white gold, Japanese Akoya Pearl, and accented with a few diamonds. Ms. Elitou chose to wear it with a black and white striped blazer, and for accent she added a purple shirt. read more

Buying Pearls for My Daughter

 “My daughter is turning 13 and I would like to get her a string of pearls. Is this a good idea? What should I get her?”

Thirteen is a great age for a young lady to receive pearls for her birthday. In a young ladies mind, a set of pearls from her father is a statement that he notices that she is growing into a young woman and that she is responsible enough to care for such a precious gift. She will love you much more for such a generous and meaningful gift. It will become the most cherished item in her jewelry box. read more

Pearl Fashion: Looking Fashionable in Black, Gold and Pearls

Pearls are not just for Granny anymore! Class up your black and white and make it Coco Chanel! Add a little gold for the look of glamour! Nothing beats a really great top with a cluster of pearls.

The off colored pearls are a look that makes your white top stand out. The earrings are chic and glam and look fantastic with hair pulled up, to the back, or with a short edgy cut. The short A-line skirt is the right amount of youth without being “too young”. A pair of great chunky heels covered in gold and pearls does the trick for a little drama and never forget a good clutch for added richness. read more