ASK MS. ELITOU: What Is The Symbolism Of A Pearl Gift?

Pearls are very special because they are one-of-a-kind, they are natural, and they are the only stone that comes from a living species therefore the symbolism of a pearl given as a gift is very powerful.

Pearls are beautiful stones that are known for their elegance and grace so when giving a pearl as a gift to someone you love it shows that you acknowledge their maturity and lady ways.

When a person gives a pearl accessory to a loved one, they are showing traits associated with friendship, love, faithfulness, and loyalty which are powerful.

The receiver of the gift gets the feeling of chastity, modesty, purity, and grace as they wear it on their neck, ears, or wrists.

Pearls are also known to enhance ones personal integrity because it makes the wearer want to act classy and mature.

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