5 Reasons Why You’ll Steal the Spotlight in Baroque Pearls

When a person thinks about pearls, the usual picture that comes to mind is what divides pearls lovers. There are the classic pearl lovers, who admire the traditional, white and perfectly spherical jewels of the sea. Then there are the ones who are willing to take a chance and step outside the box, by wearing the elegant and mysterious black pearls. And finally, there are the rebels, the ones who know and love the baroque pearls for their irregularity, which is seen not as a flaw, but as uniqueness. If you want to be one of them, here are the 5 reasons why you will steal the spotlight in baroque pearls. read more

FASHION: Pearl Mix & Match (ZOOSHOO x Pearls Only)

We, at Pearls Only, are forecasters of stylish must-haves items! This causes us to be constantly searching for items to add to our collection of great clothing and accessory items. We always look forward to sharing with you clothing and accessories that you are in need of for your growing wardrobe!

Today in our “Pearl Mix & Match” we are going to show you a pair of jeans that are so laid back they become ultra-cool, and a pearl necklace that is the perfect statement piece. The great combination of these jeans by zooshoo.com and beautiful pearl necklace by Pearls Only is a fashionable look for everyday! read more

CELEBRITIES IN PEARLS: Lady Gaga Wears Pearls on Her Nose [PHOTO]

Lady Gaga is one who loves to take something simple and make it extreme. Pearls are known for looking great on the ears, neck, and wrist and occasionally sewn into clothing and accessories but never have we seen pearls in the nose.

The “Poker Face” singer, known for her unique take on pearls and fashion, recently went up a gauge on her nose ring, and apparently the pearl look was one of her choices.

Gaga rode the waves and showed off her pearl nose ring which she debuted on Instagram. She even shared an image of her pairing the ring with a necklace and pearl-studded bra (love that necklace and bra). read more

PEARL FASHION: Pearl Ear Cuffs are a Fancy and Growing Trend!

There is an awesome trend that is being seen on the red carpets and in the major fashion magazines. Ear cuffs are an amazing way to wear earrings that will gain lots of attention. When Parks and Recreation star, Rashida Jones, wore her pearl ear cuff created by jewelry designer, Ana Khouri, on the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards, she was considered by many fashionistas as one of the top beauties of the night!

So, where can you get your pearl ear cuff? We found one that is just as beautiful and as the one that Ms. Jones wore but at a super reasonable price. read more

PEARL FASHION: Baby’s Pearl Shoes by Minimajesty














Your baby can now be ready for that special day with you, from head to toe! Check out these adorable and completely stylish pair of pearl ballet shoes. Aren’t they super sweet?

We found these really awesome “White Pearl Ballet Shoes Swarovski Crystal Baby” on Minimajesty’s Etsy for the price of $49.90.

What we like about these shoes is that they are perfect for a baptism ceremony or any other special event in your precious baby’s early life. Super snazzy they are! read more

PEARL FASHION: “Pearl & Push-ups” Top by Hello Fabulous Apparel

Getting ready for that special day and need to get in shape? If so, there is no reason you can’t do it in fashion.  Take a look at the cute top that we have featured:

We found these totally chic “Pearls and Push-ups Workout Tank Top” on Hello Fabulous Apparel’s Etsy for the price of $22.99.

What we like about this top is the fun and fashion that it inspires: Look good and feel good. When we are in our best health, the best way to reward ourselves is with… you got it, PEARLS!

A fashionista or a bride-to-be can appreciate the motivation of this shirt. A perfect gift for bridesmaids too. read more

PEARL FASHION: Chiffon Bandeau Pearl Dress on ASOS.com

Looking for a great dress for your date? Look no further than this gorgeous date night dress!

We found these totally chic “Opulence England Chiffon Bandeau Pearl Dress” on ASOS.com for the price of $60.94 (originally $307.62).

What we like about this darling dress is that it can be easily worn at almost every age with the same amount of style and grace.

We love the black cocktail length dress’ sweetheart neckline and amazing pearl detailing!

We think that a nice strand of pearls and a pair of pearl teardrop earrings will go perfect with this look. read more

PEARL FASHION: Frankie Morello Pearl Clutch

We at Pearls Only really love pearl fashion especially when art, accessories and pearls come together and make a master piece. This amazing clutch bag is definitely an example of art at its finest!

This pearl beauty is a Frankie Morello pearl clutch.

Isn’t it gorgeous? We can just imagine the look of admiration when this clutch escorts you to the next cocktail party or any evening event where you show off your style.

We love the loads of delicate pearl detailing along the soft and beautiful champagne silk material bunched together into a unique bow. read more

PEARL FASHION: Natural Pearl Earrings Sell for Over $3 Million Dollars at Doyle New York Auction House

Pearls can bring you much more worth than its beauty, especially when you can sell them for over $3 million dollars.

According to numerous sources including Diamonds.net and Forbes.com, on April 28th, Doyle New York Auction House claims to have set a record for the most spent on a rare pair of natural pearls when they sold a set of pearl earrings at their “Auction of Important Jewelry” for a staggering $3,301,000.

The earrings beat out the previous auctioned pearls including, Sotheby’s Geneva who sold a pair of natural pearls from the collection of Gina Lollobrigida for $2.4 million in 2013, as well as Christie’s New York sale of the collection of Elizabeth Taylor in 2011 which sold for $1.99 million. read more

PEARL FASHION: Kim Kardashian Attends Her Bridal Shower in All White with Pearls

Kim Kardashian got pearled up for her Beverly Hills Bridal Shower on Saturday, May 10th. The bridal shower was said to be lavish with celebrity friends including a very pregnant, Ciara in attendance with all smiles.

Paparazzi from X17 Online caught the “Keeping Up the Kardashian” socialite, entering her party wearing a strapless white dress, pearls and silver heels.

We think she looks rather stylish clean and ready to be married.

What do you think of her style? Do you think it is appropriate?

NOTE: Kim and Kayne West are said to wed on May 24. read more