Types of Pearls and Their Value

There are many different types of pearls out there and each of them has its specific features that make it wonderful. It’s up to you to decide between perfectly round pearls and elegant baroque pearls, between delicate small pearls or extravagant giant pearls. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and pearls need to be chosen to best fit their owners, but let us tell you a bit about the main types of pearls so that you can make a better decision.

Types of Pearls in the World

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are the most versatile type available on the market. They come in a wide range of colors, from elegant black to sweet pink and perfect white. But the most interesting fact about them is that they come in very many shapes as well. You can find round Freshwater pearls, but the vast majority of them are baroque-shaped. These are ideal for jewelry because they can be used for very creative pieces, as you can see in the picture below. read more

Choosing and Wearing Black Pearl Earrings

Black pearl jewelry is the ideal gift for the elegant woman with a sophisticated fashion sense. Black pearl earrings aren’t just the easiest accessory to wear throughout the entire day, but also the mark of style and elegance in formal evening attires.

With their timeless beauty and charm, pearls are key staples in a woman’s jewelry collection. Most pearls today are cultured. Nevertheless, this fact doesn’t take away a bit of their quality and beauty. If anything, it adds to the beauty and perfection of these fragile stones. read more

When and How to Wear Your Black Pearl Necklace

The mysterious black pearl is surrounded by an intricate web of legends, myths, symbols and meanings. It is present in almost all cultures around the world and has been associated with countless folk stories. But no matter where the mythology stemmed from, one thing is certain and universally acknowledged: black pearls are some of the most valuable gems on the planet, being true marks of wealth, power, and wisdom. In our contemporary times, the Tahitian black pearl necklace or a pair of black pearl earrings make more than a statement: they are symbols of refinement, elegance, and class. read more

Top 5 Advantages of Tahitian Pearls and Tahitian Pearl Jewellery

Commonly known and advertised as ‘black pearls’, Tahitian pearls are one of the best finds of the jewellery market, if you know how to select them. While people usually tend to go for white pearls as their base, standard option when it comes to pearl jewellery, Tahitian pearls can actually be the better choice. Here are the main advantages of Tahitian pearls and why you should consider switching your white pearls with for some black pearl jewellery. The desirability of Tahitian pearls over the traditional white pearls will be argued from more than one point of view: both as a style choice, and as an investment choice as well. read more

CELEBRITY IN PEARLS: Pearl Negras “Think Of You” is Bound to Make the Summer Hot!

The summer is sure to sizzle with the new rap group from Brazil, Pearls Negras, which is a teenage rap trio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We checked them out and they are awesome.

The group of girls that slightly remind us of Destiny’s Child, is made up of 15- and 16-year-olds Alice Coelho, Jeni Loyola, and Mariana Alves, who met in an after-school theater company called Nós do Morro in the Vidigal favela in Rio where they grew up.

Their song “Pensando em Você” (“Thinking of You” in English) has a very catchy beat that makes you nod your head and shake your hips like no one is watching. The trap-influenced, hip-hop sound is truly contagious and their rapping/singing style is as cute as they are. read more

Black Pearl Jewelry

Jewelry made from the Tahitian black pearl is some of the most sought after in the world, and for good reason – black pearls are rare. To assist jewelry buyers in selecting only the finest black pearls, the Groupement d’Intérêt Economique Perles de Tahiti, known in English as the GIE Tahiti Pearls, created a set of standards broken down into four categories: size, shape, quality and color. Size – The majority of Tahitian black pearls used in today’s jewelry range in size from 9mm up to 12mm. The rarest and most expensive of these pearls can be as large as 18 millimeters. Shape – The shape of the pearl often determines in what kind of jewelry it is used; necklace, bracelet or earrings. The five shape categories are Round, Semi-round, Semi-baroque, Baroque and Circled. Quality – Perhaps the most difficult of the categories, but the GIE has determined what to look for, including imperfections in the surface and the luster. The best quality black pearls will shine, sparkle and reflect light. The are placed in one of the following four sub-categories: read more

Black Pearl Earrings

Pearls are seen as symbols of love and beauty, and no woman is more beautiful than when she is wearing black pearl earrings. These gems are seen as incomparable, exotic and mysterious.

Produced in the warm waters of the South Pacific in French Polynesia, the black pearl is among the largest of all pearls and make excellent earrings and they can be matched with a necklace, ring or other jewelry. Tahitian pearls are considered the most popular pearl in the world. Earrings made with these luminous, black pearl earrings are treasured for their rich, deep colors and perfectly round shape, that really stand out in a crowd. read more