Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring – What Is The Difference?

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What is the most important aspect of any marriage proposal?  It is the engagement ring.  Traditionally engagement rings comprise a beautiful gem that has been set into a band of gold or silver.  Sometimes it may often get referred to by mistake as the wedding ring.  In fact, these two terms have become interchangeable in modern day language.


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Yet there is a difference between an engagement ring and wedding ring.  But what is it?  Do you really need to have both?  Well, below we hope to answer these questions and others that may make things a little clearer for you.


What Is An Engagement Ring?

As you will be aware traditionally an engagement ring is given to someone when they are proposed to. , women will receive such beautiful pieces of jewelry and are then expected to wear it once the proposal has taken place.


The whole idea of giving a ring is to show to others that the receiver is taken and are committed to the person who proposed to them.  Engagement rings can vary a great deal in terms of design, and price.  But most engagement rings today will include a diamond or other gemstones such as a pearl that is set atop a pretty band of gold, silver or platinum.  It will then be worn on the third finger of the wearer’s left hand (the one next to their little finger).

What Is A Wedding Ring?

Since ancient times wedding rings have been valued traditions.  In fact, according to many historians circles were believed to be a symbol of eternal love during the times of the ancient Egyptians.  Their wedding rings were made from hemp and reed and would be worn on the fourth finger of their left hand.  This is because they believed that there is a vein in this finger that is connected directly to the wearer’s heart.  This idea has then passed on down through other cultures.

It was during the time of the ancient Romans those wedding rings been made using much stronger materials, such as iron and then gold.  As wedding ceremonies become more formalized events, so the importance of the wedding ring grew.  These days the wedding ring has become a very important wedding tradition.

Types Of Engagement Rings

Even today the diamond engagement ring remains a very popular option.  It is a piece of jewelry that many women dream of wearing as little girls, as it represents the most beautiful way of saying “I Love You”.

But despite diamonds still being the traditional choice for some women, other women have decided that they would like to wear something a little different.  In fact, in recent years the wearing of ruby, emerald, and even pearl engagement rings has become increasingly popular with many brides to be.  Wearing an engagement ring in which a different gemstone has been placed allows them to wear a ring that is unique, even one of a kind.

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Types Of Wedding Rings

The wedding ring or “wedding band” as it often gets referred to as are available in an array of colours and styles these days.   Some will be made from yellow, white or rose gold, and others from platinum.  Some people may even include some diamonds or other gemstones in theirs, but most will opt for a plain band and reserve more lavish touches for their engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring

Here are just some of the differences between an engagement ring and wedding ring.

  1. Timing

As well as being different in design, the rings also are different in relation to timing.  An engagement ring will be presented to the wearer when the proposal takes place.  Whereas a wedding ring is presented at the wedding ceremony when the couple is exchanging their vows.  Also, both the bride and groom will receive a wedding ring, whereas it is normal for only the bride to receive an engagement ring.

  1. Ring Design

The engagement ring a woman wears is extravagant and often comprises a dazzling stone at the center such as diamond or pearl, that helps to make a statement.  A black pearl engagement ring would make a real statement.

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On the other hand, you will find that typically wedding rings are a lot simpler in design.  Although sometimes they can feature small diamonds or other gemstones along the top of the band, you seldom find that they have been adorned with much larger ones, as you would find on an engagement ring.


  1. Ring Style

Each of these rings will come with their own distinct style features.

  1. Wedding Ring

This ring usually comes as a single band.  A perfect circle that doesn’t include any additional details other than maybe some small diamonds or other gemstones.  However, these days some couples prefer to wear more unique looking wedding rings such as entwined bands or a ring that is more contoured in shape.  One particular style of wedding ring that has become ever more popular is the eternity band.  This is a wedding ring that comprises small diamonds that wrap all the way around the wearer’s finger.

  1. Engagement Ring

With engagement rings, it is the center stone that plays a very important role in the style of this ring.  The traditional type of engagement ring which comprises a single solitaire diamond that is kept in place by prongs and allows light to reflect on its surface from all angles.   But more contemporary designs are now becoming ever popular, such as ones in which say a pink pearl has been set into a halo and is then surrounded by say small diamonds or other gemstones.   A pink pearl engagement ring would look lovely on any woman.


  1. Metal And Colour

Both engagement and wedding rings are now available in a variety of different coloured metals.  But some tend to be more popular than others.  Yellow and rose gold are proving popular, but most engagement and wedding rings tend to be made using white gold or platinum.  You will find however that most wedding rings being worn today tend to be made from white gold.

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When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, it is important that the colour of the metal in the design complements the gemstones that are at its center.  If the engagement ring you’ve chosen includes diamonds then the metal should be white or rose gold.  However, when it comes to say choosing a Tahitian pearl engagement ring to choose one that is set against a white or yellow gold mount.  Not only will you be wearing a unique piece of jewelry, but also something that really helps to bring out the beauty of the pearl.

  1. Cost

What you will find is that an engagement ring will cost more than a wedding ring, as they include gemstones in their design.  Also, you need to take into account the metal used to mount the gemstone or to make the wedding band from.  Ones made from platinum will cost more than those made from gold or silver.

Another factor that will affect the cost of the engagement ring being purchased is the size of the gemstones used in the design.  Larger size diamonds or pearls will cost more we can also say the same for the quality (grade) of these gemstones.

Do I Need To Wear Both My Engagement And Wedding Ring?

As the engagement ring is a lot flashier and extravagant in design, most women will wear this ring on the ring finger of their left hand.  This is the same finger on which they will also wear their wedding ring.   So what often happens is that they wear the wedding ring stacked below their engagement ring.

Because of this quite a lot of jewelers will sell engagement and wedding rings as a set so that they match each other and look stylish when being worn together.   But this isn’t a requirement, you can choose with your partner to choose wedding rings that are different in design and style from your engagement ring.

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 It is up to you really whether you wear both your rings together all the time.  Some women do prefer only to wear their engagement rings on special occasions.  This is because this ring cost considerably more than their wedding ring and its intricate design makes it a less practical piece of jewelry to wear every day.   The risk of it becoming damaged if worn every day is much greater.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to better understand the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings, so you can now decide just what style of engagement ring It is you’d like to wear and will be pleased with.

Here at Pearlsonly.com, we have a wonderful selection of beautiful pearl engagement rings for you to choose from.  So finding one that not only suits your budget but also your own personal tastes shouldn’t prove difficult.  Allowing you to wear a beautiful but also very unique piece of jewelry that symbolises the love you and your partner have for each other.

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