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PearlsOnly Japanese Akoya Set

Japanese Akoya Set

PearlsOnly can offer you a wonderful selection of beautiful Japanese Akoya Sets that will add a touch of grace to any outfit you select to wear yours with. Every one of our sets has been produced using on the finest Japanese Akoya pearls.
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Japanese Akoya Pearl

White Sets

Any one of our beautiful White Japanese Akoya Set is perfect to help complete your look.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Black Sets

Why not explore our wonderful collection of Black Japanese Akoya Sets now.

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Japanese Akoya Set Buying Tips

Value Factors For Japanese Akoya Pearls


Round shaped pearls are the standard of quality and Japanese Akoya pearls are flawlessly round. They notably surpass Freshwater pearls on the quality of their shape.


Japanese Akoya pearls display an exemplary luster that is unmatched in the Pearl series. They are clearly superior to Freshwater pearls, which explains the price difference.

Surface Quality

Japanese Akoya pearls may display small blemishes on their surface, which is characteristic of naturally occurring gems. However, the stellar luster of these pearls makes any imperfection barely noticeable.

All the items in our generous selection of Japanese Akoya pearl sets share one core feature: they are extremely elegant. Take a look and find the ideal one for you according to the personality of the recipient. Here are a few tips to help you with the selection process.

  1. Type Of Set

Single Pearl Sets

These sets are ideal for very delicate women. The emphasis is put on the beauty of the pearl, which is complemented by simple gold or silver stringing.

Pearl and Diamond/Cubic Zirconia Sets

Japanese Akoya pearls look stunning when paired with small diamonds or cubic zirconia. These accessories can be matched with casual attire, as well as formal outfits and they will manage to highlight the best features of the wearer.

Mono-Stranded Pearl Sets

Japanese Akoya pearls are of a timeless elegance, which makes mono-stranded sets the most appropriate type of jewellery for these beautiful gems. They are by far the most versatile piece in any woman’s jewellery box because they can be used for any type of event.

  1. Colour


Our black Japanese Akoya pearls are integrated into mono-stranded sets and pearl and diamond ones. The pearls themselves are graded AA and AAA, which can give you an idea about the sophisticated nature of the jewellery sets.


A classic outfit is always the best option and white pearl sets are eternal. They are a great gift for any woman on any given occasion.


Lavender Japanese Akoya pearls have a particular refinement and they are absolutely stunning.


Playful and delicate, pink pearl set can highlight the graceful nature of the wearer.