Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry

In 1974, a pioneer and adventurer brought his spirit to pearl culturing in Tahiti. Three years later, he had his first harvest of beautiful Tahitian black pearls. As a result of his efforts, we now have some of the best Tahitian black pearl jewelry available today.

This pioneer culturer sought to culture perfect gems for Tahitian black pearl jewelry. He constantly seeks perfection in the gem for Tahitian black pearl jewelry. He also seeks perfect harmony with nature while culturing pearls for Tahitian pearl jewelry. This balance and endless pursuit of perfection.

Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry Largely due to his efforts, black pearl jewelry has earned its rightful place among the most sought after prized jewelry by the most discriminating connoisseur’s. Today black pearl jewelry is available in many forms and varieties for every occasion. This pioneer seeks to reflect the beauty and light of the wearer with each piece of Tahitian pearl jewelry.

With this meticulous level or nurturing, pearls in Tahitian black pearl jewelry echo the colors from their home. Waves of color flow, ebb then seemingly play across the surface of each pearl of a black pearl piece.

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