PEARL FASHION: Vintage Vogue Cover and Pearl Jewelry Décor Makes Art

Looking for a little beauty, glamour and pearl inspiration? Look no further than this wonderful photo of an Asos Box Chain and Pearl Necklace adorning a classic vintage Vogue from April 1, 1963.

We love this image because it is completely artistic and the pearls are very complementing to the cover.

Add this image to your pinterest as a reminder of the days that were filled with true fashion and absolute elegance. Let this be your glamour motivation.

What do you think of the image?

Side Note: How cool was it to have to only pay 60 cents to get an issue. Good times… read more

GREAT MOMENT IN PEARL HISTORY: Drawing of Bette Davis Wearing Pearls *

We love to go back and find some of the most iconic woman of all time wearing pearls!

Today’s feature is a movie legend.

Ruth Elizabeth, better known as “Bette” Davis, was a woman known for her eyes and unsympathetic acting roles.

Known for her iconic roles like Now, Voyager (1942), she was an actress that was a house-hold name.

We really love this image because it is actually a life-like professional drawing of the famous star by artist, Melissa (casparofambrose), who only used 2 pencils, 6B-8B pencils, a white vinyl eraser, Q-tips, and Kleenex. Isn’t this amazing! read more