CLUTCHING OUR PEARLS (WORST FASHION or HIGH FASHION): Bijoux De Famille Pink Maharani Leather and Tin Cuff

“Clutching Our Pearls” is all about horrendous and outright ridiculous fashion and accessories! But there are some people that find it to be a work of art and worth every awkward stare. We are really shocked with today’s find and we look forward to hearing what you think.

Today’s feature that has us clutching our pearls is the Bijoux De Famille Pink Maharani Leather And Tin Cuff:

Whether you have a fist full of dollars or cash on your wrists, this cuff is to broadcast that money “ain’t a thang” to you—so much that you can wear it on your arm. Is this arm candy? Maybe, for some but for others, it may seem a little bit tacky.

The Gold plated tin metal cuff has a printed leather bill note of the great peaceful leader, Ghandi. It is embellished with Strass crystal and made in France. The cost of this piece of art by far is more outstanding than the value of the rupee, which equals the value of $.82 in US currency. To get this piece of fine jewelry you’re going to need $458! Yes, you will be wearing your wealth on your sleeve.

So what do you think of the money jewelry? Is it something that you would wear or is it a little too flashy? Share your thoughts…

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