ASK MS. ELITOU: How do you wear pearls with a casual outfit?

Pearls are commonly known to compliment more upscale evening pieces or professional clothing like dress suits. They are not commonly associated with casual wear, so I completely understand you inquiry.
Pearls can be styled with causal looks like the look above featuring a gray and white striped sweater, dark blue distressed jeans, pink statement cat-eye glasses, a pair of simple white wedge sneaker boots, flower earrings, and a perfect combination of layered rhinestone and pearl bracelets.

This look really works because the pearls are just an accent piece rather than the full focus of the look. The combination of the pearls and rhinestones layered as a bracelet creates an awesome appearance that speaks class and sophistication with a little fun and daringness.  They truly complement each other.

To keep your look flawlessly casual be sure not to overdo the pearls (i.e. pearl necklace with pearl bracelets, ring and earrings together) because this will instantly make you look overdone and overdressed.

It is really a simple art and you can do it just as simply as we did it above!

Good Luck!

Ms. Elitou

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