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PearlsOnly White South Sea Pearls

White South Sea Pearls

Discover our wonderful collection of real White South Sea Pearls! Are PearlsOnly you will be able to find that perfect piece of jewelry that doesn’t only complement your outfit but also suits your particular style and taste.
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White Pearl

South Sea Necklaces

It is the subdued opulence of our collection of White South Sea Pearl Necklaces that make them so stunning.

White Pearl

South Sea Earrings

Explore the various wonderful colours that our beautiful collection of White South Sea Pearl Earrings has to offer.

White Pearl

South Sea Pendants

The timeless elegance of our collection of White South Sea Pearl Pendants will instantly elevate any outfit they are worn with.

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White South Sea Pearls Buying Tips

Did You Know?

Australia is the largest producer of South Sea pearls, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines.

South Sea pearls are the largest pearls on the jewellery market. While the average size for this type of pearl of 12-13mm, they can even reach a whopping 20mm, thus making them true luxury items.

South Sea pearls are perfectly round because they are nucleated. Their perfect shape is completed by a unique luster thus making them some of the most valuable precious stones available.

Value Tips For White South Sea Pearls


South Sea pearls are larger than Japanese Akoya, Freshwater, and even Tahitian pearls, reaching record sizes. This makes them especially valuable.


White South Sea pearls are flawlessly round, which makes them true luxury items.


The perfect luster of South Sea pearls is only matched by Japanese Akoya pearls, but White South Sea pearls are significantly more valuable because of their impressive size.

Surface Quality

South Sea pearls rarely present some minor blemishes on the surface, which proves that they are naturally grown gems. Their clear surface makes them some of the most sought-after items on the jewellery market.

White South Sea Pearls are the rarest cultured pearls available on the market because their shape is flawlessly round. They are also the largest pearls on the market, which guarantees that the woman wearing them will stand out in any crowd. We have prepared a set of buying tips to help you through your selection process.

  1. Size


This is the smallest size available for White South Sea pearls. They are an excellent choice for earring sets, pendants, and rings.


This White South Sea pearl size is ideal for pendants, and earring sets and it is guaranteed to make any woman feel elegant and poised.


This is the medium size for White South Sea pearls and it is ideal for a wide range of jewellery pieces.


This large South Sea pearl is an excellent choice for earrings and necklaces. These pieces will provide a touch of sophistication to both casual and formal outfits.


This is one of the largest White South Sea pearls available on the jewellery market so the piece is guaranteed to make the woman wearing it feel empowered.


This is an extra large pearl, which is perfect for luxurious statement jewellery. Such dazzling White South Sea pearls are key accessories that any woman would love to own because they can liven up any outfit.

  1. Jewellery Type

White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

White pearl necklaces are timeless and they can be worn with both casual and formal attire. These luxury pieces will add a unique touch of elegance to any outfit.

White South Sea Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are extremely versatile because they can complement any type of outfit. They are the perfect accessory for sophisticated women who want to look their best at all times.

White South Sea Pendants

Pearl pendants are the delicate accessories that highlight a woman’s grace and sophistication.

  1. Occasion


White South Sea pearls are a thoughtful gift that will make any woman feel truly appreciated. They are the perfect symbol of timelessness, which makes the perfect for the occasion.


White pearls are perfect birthday gifts for mothers, daughters, and wives because any woman should have a luxury item such as this in her jewellery box.


White South Sea pearls are excellent gifts for graduations because they compliment the value of such an important life event.

  1. Style


All sophisticated women love wearing lush pearls on a daily basis because these accessories can provide that much-needed touch of elegance that they seek to relay through their outfits.


Office attire can be accessorized with glamorous White South Sea pearls for amazing results that will make any woman feel empowered all throughout the day.


From elegant pantsuits to delicate evening gowns, White South Sea pearls can be matched with any formal outfit, and we guarantee that the results will be stunning every single time.